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Närmaste flygplats Zaragoza
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Huesca is the northernmost of the three Aragonese provinces, lying at the foot Pyrenees, between the first pre-peaks and the plains that descend down to the River Ebro. The region is attractive to skiers, walkers, hikers and mountain lovers in general.

Huesca borders France to the north, Lleida to the east, and Zaragoza to the south and west. In the north of the province is the Aneto Peak, the highest point in the Pyrenees. The stunning Ordesa and Mount Perdido National Park forms the part of the region, which borders France.

Huesca boasts a millennial history, which in its day was an important centre for Rome, during this time the city was known as Roman Osca, in the old town they minted coins depicting the horseman, with the city’s arms. The city was the birthplace of Saint Lawrence and was also home to the state that created the first university.

The Moors finally raised the city’s walls, exactly as they stand today.

Huesca City
Huesca is a small and friendly city, boasting a millennial history. The locals are very amiable, and inviting to visitors.

Strolling through the old town of Huesca, the past exudes from the streets, monuments and archeological remains. In fact throughout the city you can find examples of all the eras and styles that have occupied the city over the centuries.

The beautiful part in the centre of the city, is home to the sculptures of Coscolla and Ramoón Acín, whose ‘Pajaritas’ (Origami Birds) are the emblem of Huesca; you can have your photo taken with the birds in the park.

Cultural attractions
The churches of San Pedro el Viejo and San Miguel are both Romanesque in style. The cathedral gothic, with renaissance artefacts, including the alter piece. The City Hall is also Renaissance in style.

Visit the Provincial Archaeological Museum, the Diocesan Museum and the Museum of Art and Nature, to understand more about the culture, history and natural environment of Huesca.

Natural Huesca
The surrounding countryside outside of the city of Huesca is truly stunning: castles, ancient villages, reservoirs, springs, monasteries, hermitages and lots of excellent cycle and hiking routes for keen ramblers and for those who enjoy an active and natural holiday.

Close by are the ski resorts of Formigal, Panticosa, Astun, Candanchu and Cerler, all just a little over an hour’s drive from the city. Or for the really adventurous try bungy-jumping, ride a camel, or go water rafting. Huesca is an experience that has to be lived.

The Aragon region of Spain has a delicious rustic style cuisine; typical specialties include Roast Lamb, ham from Teruel, sweet onions, crab paste (in Aragon it is believed that Crab meat helps prevent illness). You will also find that it is tradition to eat undercooked sea fish, steamed in the saltwater they were taken from.

The wines from the Somontano region are also especially worth trying; red, whites and rosés, with their own Denominación de Origen (D.O.) are all first class tipples.

For a mountainous region, Huesca actually enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate. The winters are cold and summers comfortably hot, except in the higher regions where temperatures can be extreme in both winter and summer. It snows and rains moderately during the autumn, winter and spring months .

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